How I overcome one of my deepest fear—Flip turn

I want to share the story how I conquer one of my deepest fear.

This means a lot to me. Hope you can learn something from it.
The secret how I overcome my fear is

  • the desire to do what I want
  • perseverance
  • push myself a little bit each time

I have been drown in the water twice, so it takes me lots of time to learn how to swim.
But now I have lifeguard and lifeguard coach certificate. It sounds pretty good right?
NO, there is one thing in my mind that I can’t do.

Flip Turn
Flip Turn
Flip Turn

Lifeguard sounds cool, but I can’t even do the basic flip turns. This sucks

This is my situation when learning flip turns.
I need to keep encouraging myself.
You are the best! You can do this! Don’t think too much!
And keeping counting down.
3 2 1 go
3 2 1 go 3 2 1 go
However my fear makes me hesitate to do flip turns, and stop me in front of the wall.

I know that flip turn is a piece of cake to most of people.
For me, it is not easy at all. It is a nightmare.
I have learned flip turn and then forgotten it for 5 times.
I hate this. I don’t know how could I forget this simple thing.
The fear always dominates my heart and makes me stopped.
Now I think I have conquered my fear.
I know how to learn flip turn easily even if I forget it again.

Although I know how to swim in four different styles,  I still have a little fear for water.
When I first learned flip turns,
I fear my head will hit the front wall.
I fear my head will hit the floor.
I fear what will happen to me if I can’t make a flip turn.
Finally, I push myself to do this, and  do the flip turn with a weird pose.
I did it, but I hate the feeling.

After I first learn how to do it, I am really excited, and keep doing flip turns.
Unfortunately, something bad happen.
I miss one flip turn, and hurt a little bit in the waist.
Thereafter, my body memorized this wrong move, and fear enlarged.
I can’t do flip turns any more.
I was so disappointed at myself.
I started to run away from flip turns, and did circle turns instead.
I try not to think about my nightmare. I sucks.

One time,
The lifeguard in NTU (my university in Taiwan) told me:
If you can’t conquer your fear to do flip turns, you may not overcome the big difficulty of your life in the future. Although you may still be successful, you won’t be super successful.
When I heard this, it is like a blow in my head.
I thought FUCK. I want to do something amazing in the future.
How can one small flip turn can stop me?
I decide to ask someone to teach me from the start.
Finally, I did it.
The lifeguard give me the compliment:
I believe you will succeed one day!!

Same story
Because of one wrong flip turn, my fear hovered in my mind again.
I was really depressed about this.
I hate the feeling of fail.
I hate that I practice a lot, but I can’t even do a successful once.
I hate that I spend all the time in the swimming pool just to practice flip turns.
I really want to go back to my comfort zone, and don’t think about this any more.
However, the small sound in my deepest heart keep reminding me to try, to breakthrough myself.
I really really really want to learn the flip turn.

Then, I come to the US to be exchange student.
I attended the swimming clinic unexpectedly. I met my coach BEN.
I know I don’t like to do flip turns, but  I don’t want to show my weakness, either.
I push myself to do this again.
Fear Fear Fear, the only problem to me.
Teacher BEN was so patient to teach me. He used many different kinds of ways to help me.
I didn’t know how to describe it in English, and even did upside down in water.
Finally, we found a way that is suitable to me.
He let me swim and do the flip turns back and forth in a short distance.
Keep repeating the same movement makes me paralysed.
In the end, I did the perfect one without consciousness.
HAHA. I was so happy at that time. My energy refresh immediately.
I was really proud of myself at that time.
Just need to practice more to make it perfect. Never lack practice.

After this, I sit down, and do the self-reflection.
I conclude this by my own experience.
Everything can be divided into three categories.

Things ( We want to do)
If you have these kinds of things or dreams, do it without hesitate.
Although you are afraid, that is the thing you want to do.
You just need to keep trying different ways to attain your goal.
For me, this is the flip turn thing.
I know I want to do it, but I am afraid.
It turns out that it give me a lot of satisfaction and honer after attaining my goal.

Things( We don’t want to do it)
Don’t waste time on it.
Make sure that fear is not the reason that you don’t want to do it.
If you don’t do it because of fear, you will regret.

Things ( We are not sure whether we like it or not?)
Sometimes, we haven’t experienced these things, so we don’t know we like it or not.
Don’t limit yourself. Be open-minded to try new stuff.
Maybe you don’t like it in this moment, but you will love it in the future.

If I keep breakthrough myself based on this spirit, I know I will be successful one day.
(HAHA just to remind and encourage myself)

In the end, thank you for everyone who has taught me swimming and flip turns.
Now swimming is my favorite sports, and I will swim to die haha.
Last picture is me and my teacher BEN



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